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Advert for your Lineage 2 Server

Each server administrator wants to highlight his server in the server list.
Highlight your server, getting the status of Premium Server on the site.

Premium Servers are always on top of the main list and are highlighted with a golden star, which cannot but attract attention.

It is also not required to install a banner on the site and the presence of a banner will not be automatically checked.

Make your server special:

  • 200 WMR or 5 WMZ for one week
  • 350 WMR or 7 WMZ for two weeks
  • 600 WMR or 10 WMZ per month

  • WMR: R325985527937
  • WMZ: Z212739535851

In the comments indicate the server name, website address and period.
It is possible to install your banner on the OpenServers - contact to e-mail.

For all questions:

Premium Server Example

Premium Server Example